Painting "He Not Heavy"

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Tesa's interest in art began at an early age. Her father recognized her talent and nurtured it throughout her childhood. At the age of seven he created her first "art gallery" hanging her paintings in the family carport. One day, as a teen, he took her to the local art supply store and let her pick out all the supplies her heart desired. It was there that she got her first easel which made her feel like a "real artist."                   

Tesa's work is done primarily in oils and acrylics.  Her paintings evoke the moods of peace, joy, and lightheartedness. Light and contrast are her subjects in much of her art. She employs a variety of techniques to accomplish the desired mood, such as palette knife impasto, color, or brushstrokes so smooth one might think the painting was a print.   

"I'm blessed to be able to use the gift of God in  me to bless others and bring glory to God, my Father."......Tesa

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